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About us

We've been serving Kitsap County for over 10 years have just recently reopened.  

We are a fencing training facility providing affordable fencing lessons and personalized instruction for athletes of all ages. We began as a group of dedicated fencing athletes and has grown to where we are today.  We provide a cutting-edge training and competition hub, with a reputation for quality instruction, committed coaches who go above and beyond for our students.

 We specializes in the techniques of epee and a touch of foil, with a strong focus on the core foundations of fencing, including coordination, agility, and stance. Our accredited coaches are dedicated to providing a supportive, inspiring, and fun atmosphere to foster a love of the sport and the growth of the athlete, both on the strip and off. 

We are a community of friends, colleagues, and athletes committed to providing the best possible instruction for you or your athlete in an encouraging, yet challenging environment.


Kitsap fencing LLC


1700 SE Mile Hill Dr

Suite 214

Port Orchard, WA 98366


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